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Nicole Rayy, All Woman EP Release & 5 Quick Questions

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

Nicole Rayy 's new EP, All Woman is officially here, and the Ontario native is all-in for fans and listeners. The six-song release comes as the follow-up to her debut album, Dig (2016).

The EP is a mix of new tracks and singles that Rayy has released over the last few years, giving fans an opportunity to dive into a more complete project and enjoy.

On Spotify, Nicole's 'About' info says, "Combining the distinctive sounds of classic country, pop, and rock, while refusing to compromise on the raw, emotional honesty that is prevalent throughout her entire body of work, Canadian Country singer-songwriter and pianist Nicole Rayy is a dynamic and powerful force of musical talent. Her distinctive and brutally honest songwriting paired with her energetic performances come through seamlessly no matter where her music is played, live on the stage or in her critically acclaimed recordings." And there's not a word in there that we'd disagree with.

If you haven't heard any of the new music from Nicole Rayy's EP, hit play now and start with the official music video for the title track, All Woman.

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Across all six songs on the EP, Nicole Rayy puts on a show. From Fireproof off the top, all the way to Bad Habit at the bottom of the tracklist, she works through emotions, power, honesty and more. And that honesty is a big part what she values in her music. Previously, she's said, "The other element that is present throughout all my tracks is honesty. It's always been important to me to be as honest as possible when writing. The thing I love so much about music is listening to a song and hearing a story and thinking wow I'm not the only person who feels this way, I'm not alone. I've always wanted to be as real and as honest as possible when telling my stories so when people listen to them, they get that same feeling."

After listening through the songs on All Woman, and going back to Dig and even her debut EP, Only Everything, Nicole Rayy has started to build a library of songs that country music lovers can jump into and add to their playlists and favourites.

Nicole's music has taken her to the Calgary Stampede, the Trackside Music Festival, and all the way to the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China, for four years in a row (2015-2018). And if we were make any kind of prediction for the future, we'd say the list of festival stages on Nicole Rayy's resume is going to keep growing.

As Nicole was getting ready to release All Woman, she took a few minutes at home to play a round of 5 Quick Questions with us. Hit play on the video to find out which album she'd listen to front-to-back, where she dreams of playing someday, and find out what she gave as her recommendation for music you should be listening to.

5 Quick Questions with Nicole Rayy

Thanks again to Nicole for playing along. Hit play on the stream of All Woman now, and check out the official videos for Unfinished and Bad Habit as well.

Nicole Rayy, All Woman Tracklist

Nicole Rayy, All Woman EP Release & 5 Quick Questions

Nicole Rayy, All Woman EP Release & 5 Quick Questions

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