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NFL Coaches on the "Hot Seat"

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
Chip Kelly of the Eagles was fired this week.
Reports out say Chuck Pagano is on the "hot seat". Indy is 7-8 on the year. Luck has been out for most of the season. I don't understand how he can be near losing his job. Pagano is 40-23 with the Colts. The future is set with Andrew Luck at QB. The defense isn't terrible. Indy plays in arguably the weakest division in the NFL. What gives here?! Coaches
Cleveland's Mike Pettine could also lose his job. Honestly, I feel sorry for him. The Browns really are a mess right now. This includes all the nonsense with Johnny Manziel. Looking at this objectively, Pettine has done everything he possibly could have, given his situation. I do not believe a coaching change is going to turn the Browns around.
Anyway, these are just a couple of the names mentioned. A more in-depth article can be found here.

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