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Next Polish

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers
Again today its is like 25c and so far this morning i have filmed a youtube video, ate an icelolly (an icelolly in may is like a never before experience for scotland!) and im even considering the paddling pool!! So today is my last day of studying as its my last exam tomorrow woohoooooo!!!
So yeah... Today im going to do a review post on 4 next nail polishes...unfortunetly my camera wont let me upload pictures on to my computer so i only have the picture which i took for the haul :(
Next PolishSo there are four in this pack and i got it for my birthday from one of my friends. I have never used Next nail polish before...i didnt actually realize they did nail polish!The white color far right is a pearly shimmered white called Silver but personally i think its more white than silver. The far left the pinky color that is called Pink...very inventive! then bottom right the palest pink it is called Pastel Pink ...which is slightly more inventive!! Thats the reason i love O.P.I because i love the names. Lastly the bottom left which is a hot pink color and it is called "drum roll please"...Cherry!! Woohoo an invetive name...well more than the others!so first impressions were that i liked the colours. I'm not a huge fan of white nail polish so i dont personally like the silver one just because its not really my color. The packaging of the individualnail polish is quite tacky like the lid is really flimsy plastic because i thought i would be a really sturdy metal top cause thats what it looks like so that was a bit of a disappointment. The polish its self isnt too bad. The Silver and the Pink are a really watery formula so they take about 4 coats to get anywhere close to color in the bottle, which isnt great but its livable! However i was pleasantly surprised with the Cherry and Pastel Pink ones because their formula is perfect two coats and you done. Also this nail polish dries pretty quick, nail polishes normally take about an hour and they are touch dry...these take about half an hour and they are touch dry (but obviously not fully dry as with other nail polishes it takes over about an hour after they are touch dry to be actually dry). So overall the nail polishes have so pro and some cons but overall i quite like them. There not in my favorite collection but they will be staying in my collection :)

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