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News About the Trumpster Just Keeps Getting Better

Posted on the 01 February 2021 by Morage @kebmebms

It was bad enough he was ever, ever in government office, let alone the highest office in the land but now that he's out---THANK GOD AND GOODNESS--the news just does seem to keep getting better and better about this old orange buffoon.

News About the Trumpster Just Keeps Getting Better

Of course, we'll be starting an impeachment, his 2nd, God love him, on February 9, little over a week from now--JUST AFTER THE CHIEFS WIN THE SUPER BOWL--and of course, his, Trump's 5 lawyers all quit on him about one week before this trial is to start because they wouldn't testify falsely in court that he won the election.

The state of New York is still, still going after him about his taxes, God love 'em, and in 2 different cases, I believe. Also, he had to turn over yet more tax documents it was ruled by and in a court last week.

And now this.

Scotland Parliment to Vote on 'Unexplained Wealth Order' Against Trump This Week

An "unexplained wealth order", you ask?

The Scotish Parliment is about to jump in on the fun of dumping on Trump.
  • Scotland's government could investigate Donald Trump's Scottish assets
  • MSPs are set to vote on whether to pursue an Unexplained Wealth Order
  • Wednesday's debate is being brought to the chamber by Patrick Harvie
Patrick Harvie, MSP (GP) introduced the debate that will begin in Wednesday. Mr. Harvie is pushing to invstigate “serious and evidenced concerns” surrounding Mr. Trump's purchases of the Turnberry hotel.
  • The vote to seek an Unexplained Wealth Order (UWO) would not be binding.
  • However, it would increase pressure on Sturgeon to act in accordance with Hollyrood.
  • Most notably, they would probe where the £35.7 million Trump used to purchase the Turnberry resort came from.
Ain't it great?
Have a terrific day, campers.
Final, side note. A reader---yes, apparently I had a reader!--commented that he thought I'd stop unloading on Trump now that he's out of office.
Not a chance in Hell. 
As long as he or I am alive, I will be dissing on this greedy, selfish, self-centered, reckless, dangerous, ignorant old fool that tried so hard to wreck our nation.
But thanks for asking.
Additional link:
Scottish parliament to vote on pursuing 'Unexplained Wealth Order' into how Donald Trump financed his golf resorts in the country
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