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Newberry CSD Board Resignation Tightens Quorum

Posted on the 11 November 2013 by Jim Winburn @civicbeebuzz

1110_newberrysprinbs_csd_w200_res72 NEWBERRY SPRINGS – According to the Newberry Community Service District agenda for Tuesday, newberrycsd.net/uploads, CSD Director Kathleen Ridler has resigned from the board effective Nov. 1. Ridler’s Oct. 31 resignation letter, also posted at newberryspringsinfo.com, states she will “fulfill my obligation as Board Administrator by assisting in the creation of the November 12, 2013 Special Meeting Agenda and Minutes, if the Board so chooses.” However, her letter to the board gives no explanation, “despite her temporary term that ends next month,” according to the Newberry Springs Community Alliance website. The site surmises that “some feel (the reason) may be a form of protest over the current direction of the board that is run by president Robert Royalty,” where management continuity has been fractured by a constant recycling of personnel, as criticized by last June’s Grand Jury Report. The unexpected resignation leaves the CSD board with a quorum of three directors, since director Diana Williams is “not attending the board meetings due to on-going recovery from a very serious physical injury,” according to the Alliance’s website. The Newberry Community Services District now consists of directors Robert Royalty (president), Wayne L. Snively, and Paula Deel. The Newberry CSD Board meeting takes place 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 12, at the Newberry Community Center, 30884 Newberry Road in Newberry Springs. For more information on Newberry CSD, visit http://newberrycsd.net.

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