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New York’s Dear Lions Release Powerful New Ep

Posted on the 30 August 2011 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie


We first wrote about Ricky Lewis as part of Brooklyn band The Wools, who caught our attention with their incredible guitar tones, confident vocals, and throwback style. Since that time, though, he’s released an EP through a different band, Dear Lions (@dearlions). While both projects bear striking similarities, particularly in the melodies and vocals provided by Lewis, Lions has a decidedly warmer sound. The EP, currently on sale through their bandcamp page, is a striking mixture of songs that ranges from forceful hush to buoyant melody, capturing a range of influences and textures in between.

The opening track to the EP, “Katherine”, absolutely demands attention. Stripped of embellishment and theatrics, the song is completely full in its emptiness as singer Ricky Lewis almost whispers, “I once loved you, the way that you now wonder if I did.” After reveling in the quiet, though, the song expands into a slightly more upbeat acoustic track complete with a warm, booming guitar sound and a very retro, country-tinged riff. Though this almost blues-like seam runs throughout the entire EP, some songs, such as “Space Sister”, embody the casual intensity of The Smiths more acoustic tracks as well.

Dear Lions is playing a free show at Brooklyn Bowl tonight with Jounce and Waking Lights. You can’t beat free folks, so be sure to go out and support this stellar local band.

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