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New York Knicks and LinSanity... Really? Yes, Really!!

By Bobbyromano13 @bobbyromanoblogs
Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin dunks the ball during the second half of a 107-93 victory over the Wizards in Washington.
New York Knick guard Jeremy Lin is "en Fuego", has launched "LinSanity" and just about any other sports cliche that comes to mind. The Knicks season has been, shall we say-disappointing. All of a sudden the New York press has coined a new phrase, "LinSanity", to describe the play of Knick guard Jeremy Lin. When Lin scored 25 to lead the Knicks past the Nets, ok great,  New York got a win. My initial reaction was Jeremy who? The Knicks have now won three straight, and LinSanity is upon us.
Let's face it-New York is the media capital of the world. The love/hate affair the New York press has with it's hometown athletes,  is an ever revolving door-just ask Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony. Sure Lin has been impressive in his last three games, and sure the Knicks have won those games, but once again i ask, Jeremy who? So research time...
The beauty of living in the information age is,  the access to information. Jeremy Lin is 23 years old and is 6 ' 3". Lin grew up in the Palo Alto area of California and is the first American of Chinese or Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA. Lin led his high school basketball team to a state championship by defeating California powerhouse Mater Dei. Lin was on most everyone's list as the California High School Player of The Year. After sending out a DVD highlight package to several colleges (including his dream school UCLA), only Ivy league schools Brown and Harvard assured him of a spot in the rotation. Harvard, at first, wasn't interested, then changed their mind. Good move by Harvard. Lin accepted their offer and by his senior year paced Harvard to new highs for their basketball program. Lin graduated from Harvard with an economics degree in 2010.
The NBA draft came and no team expressed interest. The summer league offered Lin a chance to showcase his skills and Golden State, his hometown NBA franchise offered him a contract, which he accepted. Lin's rookie season was nondescript. When the NBA lockout was resolved, Golden State waived Lin. Houston claimed Lin off waivers , then waived him a few days later. New York looking for guard help after Iman Shumpert was injured in the Knick-Celtic game,  claimed Lin off waivers on Dec. 27, 2011.
Did anyone suspect this was the beginning of what is know known as LinSanity? Feb. 4th,  Lin scores the aforementioned 25 points in the Knick victory over the Nets. Wins over the Utah Jazz and Washington Wizards have followed with New York looking somewhat respectable-LinSanity is upon us!
LinSanity... Really? Yes, Really?
Absolutely, ya have to love LinSanity!! Jeremy Lin has been a difference maker with a basketball in his hand since high school. The perseverance he's shown is remarkable. Once again, what have the basketball decision makers been 'seeing', when it comes to Jeremy Lin. His play-making ability OR his 'look'? Lin's story is "Insane" and for sure INSPIRING!!  Sure, as NBA teams become familiar with Lin's game and get tape on him, adjustments will be made, and we'll have to see if Lin's success continues.
I, for one, will enjoy this. The Knicks are winning again, and why not? For any and all of us that have been told we couldn't make it for whatever reason, there's Jeremy Lin playing under the bright lights of 'Broadway', proving hard work, belief in self and never giving up, do payoff!
LinSanity... Really? Yes, Really!!

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