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New Years Resolutions Rarely Work

Posted on the 03 January 2012 by Dynamicreality @Carl_ball
New Years resolutions rarely work

New Years Resolutions... rarely work and here's the kicker
That time of year again were everyone reflects on the year gone by and looks forward to the year ahead...

The highly acclaimed New Years resolutions are made and by the end of January are mostly reneged upon and within six months generally forgotten... Why do we bother??? Can we not see a recurring pattern year in year out??? Obviously something is amiss... Let me tell you that most resolutions are flawed from the outset.. They're all about what you think you should do.. stop smoking, start exercising, lose weight, better work/life balance, whatever it may be, it all sounds great on the surface but its all based on what you think you should be doing and not actually what you really want to do.. Resolutions are generally viewed from a negative standpoint... A habit or situation that you want to end or change. Its much more difficult to move away from something than to move towards something... Who really wants to deprive themselves of that cigarette they enjoy or resist that piece of chocolate cake, you might hold out for a while as you ride the nitrous boost of motivation but you will quickly realize that this scarcity thinking is hardly sustainable.... So if you must write some new years resolutions, and bear in mind there are another 364 perfect decision making days available to you, then give yourself a fighting chance of succeeding. Firstly forget what you think you should do and look inside yourself and come up with something you really want, something that makes you excited.. Train your mind to move towards something and not away from something, think of abundance and not scarcity.. Think of living that smoke free life filled with fresh air, fresh smelling clothes and all those extra pennies... think of living that healthy, active lifestyle and all the joy and energy it will bring.. whatever your resolution, approach it from a positive, energetic, excited mindset....I myself have not made any resolutions this year as I have each new day to make my life decisions and at present I am enjoying the experience.So I wish you all well in your life ambitions, goals, resolutions, never forget to remember (love that play on words) what you all have in your lives now that makes you happy... Good luck.

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