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New Year Reflections

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2
This is my favorite time of the year. Too cliche? Sadly, it's true. I love the feelings this season brings, even though some memories are bittersweet.
This year has gone in a definite new direction for me. I decided to leave my teaching job that I cherished to become a full-time stay-at-home mom. I went from a full-time scheduled day to a full-time chaotic day until I figured things out. Now things run (fairly) smoothly.
This year I also started to write on HubPages and blog about being a mom. I was so excited when I discovered I could practice my writing skills and write about the things I love. I wish I had more time to do it all, but what I am able to do now is just fine. Also, I love the fact that I have all new friends to converse with and share ideas with.
There will be no resolutions for the New Year from me. I am determined to be a better wife, better mom, better friend, better housekeeper, better blogger, better writer, but I can't promise anything. Promises are made to be broken, right? I just need to stay focused on the things that truly matter in life and not sweat the small stuff.
I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! May you be blessed in all you do. 
New Year Reflections

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