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New Year Bliss

By Stephanie

For a start, I am happy to see some of my dying plants bouncing back to life - like my golden money plant in the pic below. Earlier it had almost shedded all its leaves.

My Dracaena compact 'Janet Craig' looked horrible at one point so I chopped off all the leaves, basically the whole plant. Slowly new leaves grew back from the stump. Now, it is a totally new plant altogether. Hmm... this would make a pretty indoor plant, don't you think so?

The dark-leaf begonia in the pic below has not appeared bushy and healthy for a long time. Recently it did. Perhaps it is liking the cooler temperature due to the rainy weather.

My iron cross begonia can just stop growing and lose its vigour all of a sudden. So, at this point, I am so pleased to see it growing healthily.

Can you see those drops of water at the edges of those new leaves? I learnt that this phenomena is called plant guttation.

There were many blooms on my dwarf azalea earlier and now the plant seems to be taking a rest. The bloom in the pic below opened after a rather cold night.

Have a great year ahead! Hope it will bounce back alive like my plants :)

New Year Bliss

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