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New Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Review

By Grocerygems @grocerygems

New Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Review
New from Pringles is this Roast Chicken & Herbs flavour, which I believe is exclusive to the UK. Apparently roast chicken is the sixth most popular flavor of crisps here in the UK, and it seems that Pringles would like to claim their share. Pringles are technically not even potato crisps, they are officially called a "savoury snack", which is because they actually contain less than 50% potato. It's not a brand that I buy very often, but I was tempted by the Roast Turkey variety that was mentioned on The Review Addict blog. Since I never managed to track those down, I was pleased to find this similar (ish) flavor.
New Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Review
Mmmm - carved straight from this strange looking chicken. It's worth noting that a lot of meat flavoured crisps (certainly in the UK) are more often than not completely vegetarian, i.e. they don't contain any meat at all. It's not the case here as "chicken fat" is listed as an ingredient in these potato crisps savoury snacks. It doesn't sound very appetising does it, but unsurprisingly, as soon as I popped the lid, I could smell a strong chicken aroma alongside the usual herby scent associated with roast chicken crisps.
New Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Review
These Pringles have quite a pale colouring, and the seasoning is very evenly spread. Right from the first bite, the chicken flavor is intense. It's full-on meaty, no subtle mere hint of a taste here - this is a chicken flavor that wants to be the main rooster in the chicken coop. The dominant chicken flavor is followed by herby undertones from the rosemary. And then there is salt. A whole lot of salt.
New Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs Review
The salty edge means I didn't find these as moreish as other flavours of Pringles. However they are still wickedly tasty, and if the sixth most popular flavor of crisps is your favourite, then you should give these Pringles a try.
Grocery Gems Verdict: Pringles Roast Chicken & Herbs
RATING: 6.5 out of 10.
Buy them again?: I'll buy Pringles the next time they have a new flavor :-)
Nutrition (per 30g)
: 152 calories. 1.3g protein,  16g carbohydrates, 0.7g sugar, 9.4g fat.
Purchased: Premier Stores
Price: £1.25 (half price offer).

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