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New Phone Coming out Microsoft Surface Phone

Posted on the 13 February 2017 by Zaki32
New Phone Coming out Microsoft Surface PhonesourceAs we know the NOTE series have a good reputation in smartphone market by virtue of their quality and specifications, I have a lovely story with the Lumia which is the best phone I have ever had. Why ? It had answered all my desires for a perfect smartphone and I still love having one. Yet, now Microsoft Surface Phone how will be and when we can obtain this new Microsoft phone coming out, this phone will come with triptych screen according to vice President for portable devices sector. Currently, the information about the new Microsoft Surface Phone are kind of limited, you stay tuned until we give all the details in the upcoming days. We barely have some specifications but we didn't dare to provide you with them because they aren't trusted ones, stay in touch in Microsoft Phone section.About the date release of this new Microsoft Surface Phone new phone coming out in 2017,  planning to release the phone in October 2017.
What is it ?

Brand new phon made from Microsoft
Just an idee on concept ( Not realyet )
Look like little Microsoft Surface 
( hence the name )

 New type of fingeprint Scan
aluminum surface Pen
Super Thin Touch Cover
Perview Zeiss Camera
Strong and Lights
New Phone Coming out Microsoft Surface Phonesource
There of surface phone Basic Specs :

• Model 01: 4 GB RAM with 64 GB of storage

Model 01: 6 GB RAM with 128 GB of data space• Model 01: 8 GB RAM with 512 GB storage 

* Model 03 could end up being the must powerful smartphoneon the maket today 

Release data Price :
Microsoft Surface Phone release in early 2017Havent stated in it is just a concept or real thingPrices Vary  336,99$ to 549,99$ and $600 to$1.0099.99everything Else :
• Microsoft may lay 10% of its work • body is made of magnesium / aluminum• Similar to iPhone / SamsungNew Phone Coming out Microsoft Surface Phone - New Phones Coming Out

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