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New Phone Coming Out Samsung Galaxy S8

Posted on the 21 March 2017 by Zaki32
A couple of the rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S8 could just tick some of these boxes. It might go with a bezel-less design, for instance, and stick the (now) classic fingerprint sensor and home-button inside the screen. Aside from sounding ridiculously futuristic, it would help phones to become smaller – something that the majority of people I speak to still want – but maintain large galaxy note 7
Another rumour, stemming from a setting buried inside the Android 7.0 Nougat updates for the Galaxy S7, show a variable screen resolution mode.People have been calling for 4K screens on phones since QHD became the mainstream, but why? In reality, there is minimal need for a 4K or UHD phone screen. We would struggle to notice the difference on such a small display, and the likely detriment to performance and battery just isn’t worth it. BBut what if you could alter the resolution when you needed it? That sounds like something far more useful. Switching the resolution to 4K when you’re using a VR headset, for instance, just makes sense – it's one of the few occasions where you would notice the extra pixels. Moreover, it would be a smart move for Samsung if it really wants to push mobile VR, as it would enhance the S8's capabilities without sacrificing performance.There’s also HDR, a feature that’s more closely associated with 4K TVs these days. In the simplest terms possible, HDR – or high dynamic range – gives you better black levels and more realistic colours – done right, it’s glorious.Samsung first introduced an HDR phone display on the ill-fated Note 7, but due to the phablet's short life-span, the support simply never any gained traction. I’m sure it’ll come to the Galaxy S8 though, and that’s exciting.
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