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New Paper Mache Dragon-the Video

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
I'm going to blather a bit.   For you non-readers out there, just go to my site and watch the new video.   Just follow the link below.   For those of you with nothing better to do, read on.  
I've become rather compulsive in my old age.   Okay, so I've always been compulsive.  But now I'm blindingly so.   Making these time-lapse videos have become a necessity for me.   I can't seem to start a new project until I've put one of these together.   It's strange.   I don't even enjoy it all that much.  I sit in front of a computer for two or three weeks trying to edit hours of video.   And I do mean hours.   Peter Jackson has nothing on me.   I end up making hundreds of cuts trying to patch together video that is, most of the time, poorly shot.   And I have this unreasonable need to get the video down to three minutes or less.   Many of my cuts are one-tenth of a second long.   To make matters worse, when I'm working on a project, I often forget that the camera is rolling.    It's often parked above my work table.    Twice during this dragon build I happily finished what I was doing on the dragon, cleaned up and went to bed, only to remember the next day, while I'm at my teaching job, that I left the camera running.   For technical reasons I have to reformat my video.   It took several hours just to reformat two 18 hour video segments.    I ended up using 9 seconds total footage from both of those videos.    Even when I do know the camera is running, I simply get engrossed in what I'm doing and wreck the shot.     I intended to show more of the blackwash stage of this build.   It always looks good on video.    This time I blackwashed the entire front of the dragon standing directly between the dragon and the camera.   No amount of editing can fix 2 hours of video that just shows my back.   Without repainting the entire dragon, it can't be fixed.   Lastly, I want to say that, as I've gotten older, I've gotten more vain.   The more I video myself, the more shocked I am about what I see.   For example, to my horror, I notice that I grimace 90% of the time while I work.   Now, no offense to my dear deceased mother, but my mother used to do that.   Us kids made fun of her for it.   Now I do it.  In fact, at times, I look like her in the video!    So I have to cut out any scene  where I look like my mother, grimacing.   I left the camera going while I took one of my many cookie breaks.  The camera caught some of it.  See if you can see it in the video.  Okay, so they aren't actually cookies.  They are "Nilla Wafers."  They call them that because there is no actual vanilla in them.   But they are great with milk.  I eat them whenever I have something  I have to do, or not.  In fact, I'm going to have a little pile of Nillas as soon as I publish this entry.
Does anyone care about all this?   No.   But there it is anyway.  I just want you to appreciate the video.
So press "video" below to get to the video.   It's on my site.  It's under the photo of the dragon.   Make sure you chose the full screen option.  You can see the high definition that way.  
Oh, by the way, the best part of the video is when I'm trimming the spine webbing.   It just fits the cadence of the music perfectly.   The music is a bit peppy, but the cadence is perfect.   Also, I swear I can hear voices humming during parts of this music.   My friend Willow thinks it's in my head.   Tell me if you can hear it too.
Thank you for stopping by.   I'm starting a new project on this blog.   No dragon this time.   First post will be tomorrow.  I promise.
Click here to go to video.

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