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New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and Scales

By Danmonsterman @danmonsterman
Hi again,
So I hope this doesn't seem insensitive, making another post after just posting earlier about my friend and fellow paper mache artist's untimely death.   But I honestly think Jonty would have approved.   So this entry is for you Jonty.
So I realize that people who pop in once in a while might only be interested in the first photo and not in the build itself.   So here is the mother dragon as it stands right now.  I'll be painting next.   (Actually, I've finished sanding the eggs and sculpting a baby dragon to go in the nest.  I'll post about them soon.)
If you are interested in the build, read on. 
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
Since the last post I added some scales, starting at the tail working my way up the back.
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales  New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
I continued up the back to the wings and neck.  Then I started on the front.   First the feet, then the shins, then the thighs.
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales  New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
I then worked up the body and up to the head.   This particular build I added scales up the neck even though I hadn't yet sculpted the face.   The photo below (on the right) shows the details I added to the face, the tentacles, the nostrils, and obviously the eyes and brows. 
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales  New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
Below is a close up of the face after I added the cloth.   I know it looks much the same, but look at the lips, the eyelids, and the scales.    I'm very pleased with it.  It turned out exactly as I envisioned.
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
Okay, so you haven't seen Max for a while.  This is a funny scene I caught with my camera. I haven't had the dragon standing on the nest in a while.   I worked on the face with the dragon on my table.  I didn't want to drip glue onto my nest.   I had just put her back onto the test to get a couple of photos when Max came down to the studio.   Lately  he's been jumping in the nest while the mother dragon was gone.   He was going to jump up this time and the dragon caught him by surprise. 
New Paper Mache Dragon- Head and scales
Yes, I get carried away with my cats.   As I mentioned above, I've made a baby  dragon as well.   If you look closely, you can see him.   More on him in the next post.
Take care.  (I know Jonty, she's looking good.)
See you soon.

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By Sarah Mazur
posted on 15 July at 00:14

What are the scales made out of? Also, I might not come back to this website, so can you email me? My email is [email protected]. I think I would like to make something like this. I have a lot of time on my hands and I've been looking for a big project so this is perfect. I really hope you get back to me because I would love to hear more on maybe some tips and expert advise from the professional