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New Page: The Famous 1001

Posted on the 20 November 2011 by Limette @Limette9
New Page: The Famous 1001
"The Cinephiles Bible Of Film", they call it. And indeed, if there's one book deserving that title, it must be the yearly updated collection of precious films, consisting of reviews from one paragraph to full or double pages.
The films in this book vary in terms of fame, acclamation and, off course, content, but as far as I can judge, every one of them truly deserves their place.
It has confused me though, that every year some titles have to make room for the newly released ones, some of them returning in later editions. But that's a question of marketing and brand, I guess. To fully honor the book and the precious films, I have decided to list every title that has ever been in it though - you can see which films have been removed in which edition on filmsquish, and this is also the place where I'd like to thank the author for publishing a list of all films that have been in the book.
I know that Tyler from Southern Vision has a page like this one, but I don't think I'm a copy cat just because I decided to do this too - I heard there are a lot of people who write reviews on films. Thank you for inspiring me though, if you read this, Tyler.
My reason for making this is not very different from his, either: I want my readers to get to know me better and get some more insight in what I watch - or what I haven't managed to watch yet, for that matter (PS: a lot). I guess I'm making this list for myself also... it's easier to keep track of the films I've seen from the book, and not just the ones included in my edition.

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