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New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs

By Gigmastersweddings @gigmasters

New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs

Wedding planning: a process that can be so detailed, that people make entire careers of it! If you aren’t a wedding planner, you might not know what to expect – especially when it comes to the budget.

Regional Cost Series: New Orleans, Louisiana 

Knowing your budget is crucial to planning your dream wedding, so we want to help you break it down! We created the Regional Wedding Cost Series to assist you in figuring out an entertainment budget based on the location of your wedding. We have provided the most popular entertainment categories and average costs for the New Orleans area. Please remember that these are only averages, and there may be a wide range between the highest and lowest priced weddings for this particular location.

New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs

Average Cost of a U.S. Wedding in 2012: $25,656

Average Cost of a New Orleans Wedding: $25,079

Average Number of Guests: 163

Source: The Wedding Report for 2012.

Top Entertainment in the New Orleans Area
GigMasters has booked over 65,000 weddings across the country, with many located in the New Orleans area. Using our data, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 entertainment categories booked for New Orleans weddings, with the average cost for each category:

  1. Dance Band: $2,986
  2. Jazz Band: $818
  3. Soloist (Harpist, Violinist): $354
  4. Ensemble: $1,000
  5. Classical Duo: $875

Below is a list of the top entertainers in each of San Francisco’s most popular entertainment areas. Every member listed has a 5 Star Rating and great client reviews!


New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs
 The River City Hit Squad

 43 Verified Bookings

This band promises they can take your guests on a trip down memory lane, then fast forward them to today’s sound, all in one sitting!


New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs
Escalade Show & Dance Band

 69 Verified Bookings

An energetic performance by these “2009 Top Variety Band” award winners will dazzle guests!


New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs
New Orleans Classical & Jazz

 16 Verified Bookings

Few sounds are as romantic as a classical violin! Add this lovely touch to your wedding with New Orleans Classical & Jazz.


New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs
Dr. Jazz And The New Orleans Sounds

 22 Verified Bookings

The live sounds of these talented musicians will entertain guests of all ages! A Gold Member that has been with GigMasters for over 5 years.


New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs
  Fine Arts Wedding Musicians

 22 Verified Bookings

No matter your musical tastes, the sounds of Fine Arts are sure to please!

About GigMasters

We help couples connect with the perfect entertainment to complement their big day – everything from DJs and bands to photo booths and limousines. Need some guidance building your wedding budget? Let us know, and we’ll happily provide some more information based on actual weddings in the New Orleans area!

New Orleans Wedding Entertainment Costs

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