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New Opera Browser Has An Integrated VPN Like Tor

Posted on the 28 April 2016 by Comicspolitics

The new version of the Opera browser has a new feature that will make using this browser more interesting than Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox: There is an integrated VPN which means that you can surf the internet anonymously. 

Version 38 of the Opera Browser has an amazing new feature – an integrated VPN (“Virtual Private Network“). So similar to the Tor browser you can move in the internet anonymously because your IP address will be cloaked. Although the Tor browser is great, it has a problem keeping the same speed like your internet provider. Hopefully Opera has solved this problem. But they already promised that there will be no speed or traffic limits and that you can use the browser for free.

So far there are servers in four countries (USA, Germany, Great Britain and Kanada) but maybe there will be more in the future (but only because the servers are just in those four countries doesn’t mean that you can use the browser from anywhere of course). You can already download the version 38 but so far it is just the beta version. So there still might be some small bugs. After you downloaded it you can click in the Opera menu on “Settings” and then on “Security”. There you can mark the option “Enable VPN”. Then there will appear a VPN button next to the address bar of the browser with which you can turn the VPN on and off. Also you can choose there between the four different countries.

I think Opera found a great feature here that will set them apart from other browsers. Let’s just hope that the final version of the new VPN browser will also be for free.


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New Opera Browser Has An Integrated VPN Like Tor
New Opera Browser Has An Integrated VPN Like Tor
New Opera Browser Has An Integrated VPN Like Tor

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