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Netflix Cancels Marvel’s “Daredevil” – Why This Is A Mistake

Posted on the 30 November 2018 by Comicspolitics

Today is a dark day for comic fans because Netflix just canceled Marvel’s “Daredevil”. Ugh. 

In my opinion “Daredevil” was one of the few productions of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was worth watching (besides “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones”), therefore the cancellation was a big mistake. Here are the reasons why. “Daredevil” did not only want to entertain like all the always-the-same Marvel movies, the show was more sophisticated than the movies and other Marvel series like “Iron Fist” for example (I hope I will suppress that terrible show from my consciousness soon).

“Daredevil” had an elaborate martial arts choreography and impressively long takes, also the writing, the acting, the plot build-up and the character development were outstanding. Maybe Disney will take over the Daredevil material for their own streaming service but it would not be the same because of their “family friendly” policy. For adults who want adult comic book material this indeed is a dark day. To mourn this great superhero show here is one of the best scenes of the last and final season three – the 11-minute one-take fight scene:

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