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By Xotanja @xotanja
Hello dears! ♚ So to the people who haven't read my last blog post or my tweets, here's some good news!*drummmm roll*I FINALLY GOT MYSELF A NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER!!!Yes, yes, after many months of neutering & helping my hair repair itself, I've decided to bring the frying tools back into action!! I had to sacrifice having lush hair for 2 whole months *le gasp*, but once I saw this product, I was SOLD instantly! NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *IT'S THE GRUNDIG HS-3830 CERAMIC HAIR STRAIGHTENER!!Now ladies, what did we say about ceramic hair straighteners? *Ding, ding, ding!*Yes!! They are the best for your hair!! If we're going to be frying away our locks, might as well do it in the safest way possible! Now trust me, before I bought this delight in a box, I made sure to check all the material on the back. It's 100% SOLID CERAMIC PLATES! Not ''ceramic-coated'' & not metal! NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *This straightener is really a two-in-one! It straightens with ease, & creates curls that last! The Grundig HS 3830 straightener only needs 60 seconds to heat up, having a heating level of 1-5 (temperatures of 140 C to 230 C -or-284 F to 446 F)! The professional 100% ceramic plates allow the use of styling agents of any kind; they provide a constant high temperature, uniform heat distribution & offer gentle to the hair styling for sleek & shiny hair! The HS 3830 is suitable for every hair structure! The appearance, even if not important for your hair, is also a plus for me! The sleek white & glossy shine of the white straightener was what first caught my attention!

Grundig is a trusted German brand, & dare I say...but the Germans always make good stuff!! Haha. NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! * Well? How does it work, Tanja!? Show us what it can do!!When I got home, the first thing I did was plug this bad boy in! It heated up in an instant! Next, & this step is IMPORTANT! Like I've stressed before, no matter how good your hair or curling iron may be, you should ALWAYS put on some heat protecting spray! I spritzed on some of my favorite TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective SprayI'll be showing how well it straightens & curls the same exact strand of hair! 
CURL:NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *To curl, simply turn the straightener with the strand of hair towards your face, pull down slowly. NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *TA-DA! Bouncy, full of life curl! STRAIGHT: NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *Now time to straighten this bad boy out! Taking the same strand, starting from the root, I'm pulling down gently & slowly. NEW HAIR STRAIGHTENER! Review ! *I know this doesn't look perfect, but this is only after the first pull! By the third pull, my hair was sleek, shiny & STRAIGHT! Check out how bouncy & tight the curl was! This is real 100% results!!Thank you so much GRUNDIG, for making a wonderful & professional product, without making my wallet cry! You can get your own for only $33.40! CLICK HERE TO BUY ON EBAY!

Wishing you all many many more good hair days!Stay beautiful -Tanja xoxo

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