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New Hair

By Maradam @laura_fash

Getting my hair done was not one of my 2012 resolutions, but it never hurts to finally get your hair washed and combed by someone who knows what she’s doing. I only trust one hairdresser in this entire world, and she lives here in Spain, so for 8 months my hair hasn’t seen professional help whatsoever. I thought it was time to stop looking like I really don’t want to be friends with people and get a haircut. I wanted to go for full bangs a la Abbey Lee but they grow so fast, they are not fun after 2 weeks. So I went for some pseudo bangs with a side part and trimmed all the dead hair excess. Better, huh?

I’d recommend everybody getting a trim every now and then, you don’t have to go crazy but keeping your hair healthy will make you look better. Plus, if you chop it all off like me you could even lose half a kilo.

Curly head before…

New hair
New hair

And after!

New hair
New hair


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