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New Girl: Nick’s 8 Creative Fixes

By Goedekershomelife @goedekers

New Girl: Nick’s 8 Creative Fixes

On Fox’s hit sitcom New Girl, which returned on January 7 to resume its third season, Nick Miller is known for playing Mr. Fix-It around the apartment. He will tackle any issue, from minor quick fixes to major plumbing problems. This isn’t because he’s got an excellent work ethic, as it is common knowledge that he’s lazy, but because he doesn’t want to shell out the cash to get things “fancy fixed” by a professional.

Check out this list we’ve compiled of all the things Nick has “fixed” for the gang.


Probably the easiest fix. One of the tables in the apartment was wobbly due to an uneven leg, so Nick used a roll of quarters to balance it out. (Episode: Bells)


One of the fans in the apartment wasn’t doing a sufficient job cooling them off, so Nick solved the problem by taping cooling packs to it. (Episode: Bells)


Blink and you could miss this classic Nick fix. Schmidt is complaining that Nick doesn’t want to hire a plumber. While Nick is offering to fix the toilet himself, he goes to wash his hands. Apparently the button on their soap dispenser doesn’t work, because he has to use a wooden spoon – that he undoubtedly tethered there himself – to scoop out the soap. (Episode: Bells)

New Girl: Nick’s 8 Creative Fixes


Throughout the episode, Nick makes his rounds in the apartment, taking apart all the things he had previously fixed to make a point to Schmidt. We learn that one of those things is their basketball hoop; it falls apart as soon as a basketball comes in contact with the backboard. (Episode: Bells)


Jess soon discovers that Nick had also fixed their kitchen cabinets. As soon as she opens it, the door falls off in her hands. (Episode: Bells)


A large puddle of water was beginning to form on the roof of the apartment. No problem; Nick inconspicuously drilled a hole for it to drain through and announced to the others, “It’s fixed!” when all the water was gone. (Episode: Bells)


This isn’t truly a fix, but rather a way of coping with a problem. The garbage disposal in their kitchen sink is fairly faulty. Nick keeps a broom close by, so whenever it starts acting up he sticks the handle down the drain to coax it into working again. (Episode: The Landlord)


This is the most impressive and complex Nick fix. We all know that the plumbing system in their apartment is less than ideal; Nick said it best in ”Re-launch” when he told Jess “you can’t turn the sink on when someone’s in the shower – this isn’t some fancy hotel!”

New Girl: Nick’s 8 Creative Fixes

Their toilet has also proved to be problematic, as it frequently overflows when it’s flushed. To combat this, Nick has rigged a system involving a plastic soda hidden behind a brick in the wall. When one of Jess’s students accidentally overflows the toilet, Nick simply turns on the faucet and fiddles with the bottle a bit to get it to stop. (Episode: Bells)

Make sure to tune in on January 21 for the next episode, “Birthday”!

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