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New Cloud Storage Service Provides 20GB of FREE Storage to All

Posted on the 20 May 2013 by Tftb @TFTB

We have a new cloud storage service competitor for SkyDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Tresorit and others. This time the competitor has a brilliant name and a very competitive and compelling service.
Copy, can be used as an perfect alternative to all your cloud storage needs. As it provides you 15GB ( +5GB wait for that trick its given below ) and a very compelling service to all the users who work as a team or like to share their content with others.

free 20GB cloud storage

What it means is, if you share a folder with some other person, the counting data in shared folders is not counted for everyone. Instead of counting it for all the accounts Copy allows users to ‘split the bill’ and control which files count against their storage capacity. This helps not burderning all accounts with the same data which is stored in shared folders and shared  amongst other users.

So whats so special about Copy?
Well nothing really. The only benefit is the ‘Fair Storage for All’ Intitiative.

Copy “Fair Storage for All” Initiative — Instead of counting data in shared folders against all members’ individual storage quotas so everyone pays for the same data over and over, Copy allows users to “split the bill” and control which files count against their storage capacity. Copy was created to meet the exceedingly high design demands of today’s online and mobile users, and to provide the advanced security and corporate features required for businesses.

It provides everything else the other cloud storage services do, but one thing it stands out is the referral program. And here is how to gain that extra 5GB and bump you account immediately to 20GB free storage.
We all love extra free cloud storage, we already covered various other ways to get all the possible free storage on Dropbox, we already covered the excellent SkyDrive feature we all missed somehow and we also provided you a speical service which gives you very secure and free 50GB storage with no strings attached.
And the same with Copy, we will give you the extra 5GB storage with no strings attached.  Heres how,

Get 20GB Free storage instead of 15GB

  • Copy is running a special Referral program, when you sign up via our link, you will get 20GB FREE permanent cloud storage instead of the regular 15GB storage. Just make sure you sign up via our link. You get an extra 5GB storage.
  • Verify your email, and download + install the desktop client.

Once you have done this, you will get your extra 5GB immediately.

Since this is a common referral program you too can start stacking up the free referral bonus. Once you sign up via our link, head over to Bonus and referral and copy your referral link and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Or email your friends and get the referral work running. Each person who registers via your link gets an extra 5GB and in return you too get 5GB of extra space. The referral bonus has no limitation so you can go on crazy stacking up the free storage. Yup, can make it 1TB too if possible.

free 20GB cloud storage

This is a limited referral program, so make sure you Sign up quickly and get your free 20GB Cloud storage immediately.
Copy is available for Windows Desktop | Mac OS X | Linux | Android | iOS

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