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New Business Idea – Selling Canned Air in China

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera


Air pollution in China has sky-rocketed so high that it’s even said to be visible from space. In 2007, the World Bank has mentioned that 16 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities are located in China and so far, it’s only gotten worse. Experts are beginning to think this could turn into the biggest health threat in the world. Although, it’s working out just fine for the popular Chinese entrepreneur, Chen Guangbiao as he kick-started a new business to sell canned fresh air to citizens in China.

Actually, it’s his way of raising awareness about the rising health threat in China. But, in the meantime he does make some money by selling these empty air-filled can’s at 80-cents. If you’re planning on visiting China, be sure to buy a couple of these air-cans, just in case you need some fresh air.

[Via: TechnaBob / Dvice]
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Roshan Jerad Perera

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