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New Beginnings?

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
I've spoken before on my blog about the impact my weight has on my life. I have body dysmorphia and have always been 'big'. For me, every problem I've ever had in my life (other than the death of loved ones etc) has been blamed on or related to, my weight.
New Beginnings?
Am I saying that being bigger is unhealthy? Absolutely not. I think fitness levels are much more important than 'weight' and I think each persons health is completely unique to them. With that being said, I have had some issues health wise that have been improved by reducing my weight, including raised blood pressure and joint pain.
The biggest thing for me was being told that if I didn't lose some weight, I reduce my chances of being able to have a healthy pregnancy if and when I decide to have children.  I want kids. I'm 31 and I'm not getting any younger. Doing what I can now to help my chances in future is really important to me.
I've decided I want to reduce my weight. I'm ALWAYS going to be 'curvy'. In terms of 'size', my goal is a size 16 which is still plus size and to me, is ideal. I'm a size 22 right now and whilst I see some women at a bigger size 32 who look incredible, I just don't look - or feel - that way about myself. I know losing weight isn't going to be the answer to all of my prayers, but I owe it to myself to give it a go.
I started doing some research on how best to change my diet. To be honest it was all overwhelming, so I looked into meal delivery systems. A few different options were available but most of them involved limiting calories to an extreme extent to give quick results which I really didn't want.
I spent around two weeks researching different plans and found a plan that seemed to suit my needs best. Jane Plan.
I am committed to my 'transformation'. I know it's going to be a long journey and I know I'm going to have rough times, Jane plan offers one to one support with either a phone call or email once per week (it's your choice). The meals are varied (I only eat chicken & Fish so needed options) and most importantly, although the calories are restricted, they don't starve you!
With this said, I contacted Jane Plan with the opportunity to work together on my journey.  Jane and her incredible team talked me through what I can expect and asked me all about myself. I didn't feel 'judged' for the first time in my life and more than that, Jane Plan kindly offered to sponsor my journey by gifting me with the plan for as long as I need.
I'm not being paid to talk about this or anything like that. In fact the first thing that Jane said to me on the phone last week was:
"We want you to be authentic with your readers. Tell them when it's hard or if you didn't like something. It's useful to us and we always want to improve. If you're honest with yourself and your readers, your journey will be all the better for it"
Jane is 100% right. I'm going to write up a 'diary' so I can update you all on how I feel at the time and will be posting on instagram stories most days with updates too.
As well as that, you can expect a load of before pictures - waahhhh!!
But I am SO excited for the 'after' pictures!
Thanks Jane Plan! Stay tuned everyone!
H x

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