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New Baby Gift Registry with Group Gifting from PishPoshBaby

By Thepracticalmommy2 @PracticalMommy2

Hot New Baby Gift Registry from PishPoshBaby

New Baby Gift Registry with Group Gifting from PishPoshBaby

Pish Posh Baby Gift Registry
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Many times when coworkers or family members are invited to a baby shower, they try to buy gifts as a group. That process can be a pain, however, as you try to coordinate how much everyone can spend and what gifts can be purchased from the registry. What happens is that many smaller gifts are then purchased, leaving the larger items like strollers or cribs still on the list for the expecting parents to purchase on their own. 

PishPoshBaby has created an all new baby gift registry to fix just that and make the group gifting option easy! 

PishPoshBaby contacted me and asked if I would share this awesome new registry process with you. This new registry is designed to take the aggravation out of group gifting and make it all very simple!

Using the PishPoshBaby Registry

Basically, once on, you sign in using your Facebook log in, choose your gifts, and share your list with your friends and family. Once they view your list, they can choose the item they'd like to give and choose how much they'd like to contribute to that gift. They can then share that item with more friends and family who can also contribute, which means you'll get the larger gifts that you really need for your baby! 

Also, your friends and family can share with you on Facebook what they would recommend as gifts and what items worked best for them. You get personalized suggestions from the people you trust the most! 

Watch this video, which explains the process:

I wish I had these options when I created my baby registry for my firstborn. I like that it not only helps groups to coordinate gifts, but it also takes the pressure off of one or two individuals who may try to purchase the bigger items by themselves. It would also be fun to get the personalized recommendations from friends and family!

Baby Gift Registry Bonus

On top of this awesome new group gifting options, when you register with PishPoshBaby, you will receive a gift code for Tiny Prints for $20 worth of baby announcement cards and free shipping! 
Start your baby gift registry today on PishPoshBaby by clicking HERE! 

TELL ME: What items would you love to receive from PishPoshBaby? 

New Baby Gift Registry with Group Gifting from PishPoshBaby
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