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New Ahrefs SEO Toolbar | Everything You Need to Know

Posted on the 13 September 2018 by Gaurav Kumar @vhowtodo

Have you ever used the Ahrefs SEO Toolbar? Or have you faced any issue when installing AHREFs' SEO Toolbar? Ahrefs has released the new SEO Toolbar with zero error.

If you are an Ahrefs user, then you already knew that Ahrefs offers an SEO toolbar which was not entirely accessible. The reason was the lack of features. Earlier whenever you wanted to install the Ahrefs toolbar extension for chrome, you had to use a downloadable file.

Keeping that thing in mind, AHrefs has released the new Ahrefs SEO Toolbar for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Ahrefs is known for making things easy for you, and that is why now you need not wait to download the file in your system.

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In the past few months, Ahrefs team had dedicated resources to fix the issues related to its toolbar. The goal was o restore new Ahrefs SEO Toolbar on Chrome App Store.

Rather than just updating the old toolbar, Ahrefs team has developed a new SEO Toolbar for you. They have added new features and improved the UI of the Ahrefs toolbar.

This is a great thing!

Finally, Ahrefs has announced the New Ahrefs SEO toolbar for you.

You can install this for Firefox here and Chrome here.

What is the Difference between Ahrefs Old Toolbar and New Ahrefs SEO Toolbar?

Ahrefs has tried to add almost everything that you can find helpful in an SEO Toolbar.

They have majorly worked on UI/Ux and also additionally added some features that you may not want to miss at any cost.

These things make the Toolbar a robust SEO Toolbar for the current time.

Let's dig in details:

1) It's faster than the fast:

New Ahrefs SEO Toolbar | Everything You Need to Know

If you have ever used the Old Ahrefs SEO toolbar, then you already knew that how slow it was. The reason why the taskbar was slow was that it loads data for each tab upon activation. This means it was freezing your browser if you have a lot of tabs opened.

Thanks to this new launch, SEO toolbar is quite fast now. Now, New SEO Toolbar loads data for the current page only.

2) Displays estimated traffic for domains and pages:

The new Ahrefs SEO Toolbar not only displays the old stats but also shows the traffic data for the pages and domains.
It displays;

  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Ahrefs Domain Rating;
  • Ahrefs URL Rating (UR);
  • The number of Backlinks;
  • The number of Referring Domains (RD)
  • Organic search traffic (ST), and:
  • The number of ranking keywords (KW)
This New Toolbar helps you quickly find the organic traffic of the current page. The metrics are available on domain level also.

3) Domain rating:

The toolbar makes it easy for you to find Domain rating. You can always see the DR even if the toolbar is on standby mode. It is also an excellent way to find the link popularity of the particular page. You can find everything without making extra clicks.

4) Google Search Keyword metrics:

May you find it difficult to check the keyword difficulty and search volume for every single query?

With the help of this SEO Toolbar, you can get it quickly.

This SEO toolbar displays;

  • Cost per click
  • Click
  • Global Search volume
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Search volume
It saves you from researching Google Keyword Planner.

5) Ahrefs metrics for all Google Search results:

Keyword metrics help you quickly find out the keyword you want to target. Ahrefs has enabled you to do research work easily. You can also find details about domain level metrics and page-level metrics.

Let's check out which type of metrics you will find using Ahrefs SEO Toolbar;

Domain Level Metrics;

  • Ahrefs Rank
  • Ahrefs Domain rating
  • Referring Domain
  • Organic Search traffic
  • Ranking keywords
Page level Domains:
  • Ahrefs URL Rating
  • Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • Organic search
  • Keyword Difficulty
These metrics will help you efficiently plan if you want to target that keyword or not. You can also check SERP overview of first ten positions.

6) Displays Country-specific search volume in SERP.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is the best place to find country-specific search volume.

7) One Click Access to Ahrefs report:

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is the easiest way to access the domain name or page reports.

All you need is to click on the metrics to check details.

If you want to check Keyword metrics, click on that. You will visit the page where you can check organic keywords.

You can also check Keyword explorer for keyword suggestions.

Here are the metrics you can find using this SEO Toolbar.

What should you know about Ahrefs SEO Toolbar?

To access the tool, you need to become the pay the monthly fees. Paid members can access all the features of this toolbar. There are some limitations, yet it is the best seo toolbar that one should use.


Ahrefs new SEO toolbar is the need of the time and a professional. Its features are impressive, and also it does not slow down your browser.

What can you expect more from an SEO toolbar?

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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