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Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover!

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

Beware, so long as you live, of judging men by their outward appearance. –Jean de La Fontaine

Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover!
We all go through so much throughout our lives! Not a only that, we ll go through so much throughout even only one day!  If we go through moments in which we are not at our best, then you can pretty much bet that everyone is on that same boat!  If you have your bad moments then you are in good company, or as I had heard it expressed at one time about a fellowship, it is just a bunch of fellows on the same ship!  We are all in a sense of like passion, and at the same time we all have similar weaknesses, we all have our moments!

This thought came to mind today as I was observing a person that I have met a couple of years ago, saw again last year and during this time she was always a very cheerful person.  This time around, having seen her more recently it is apparent that she is going through a difficult time in her life as she simply is “not herself”.  How do I know that she is “not herself”, well it is because I have met her on different occasions.  She is a waitress at the assisted living facility where my dad is living.  It would be unfair, in my opinion, were I to form an opinion about her personality just by having met her at this time in her life.

Sad to say this is what we do over and over in our lifetime!  We meet someone and they may be going through a rough spot and are not the nicest people that have met and we will deduct that they are simply “grumpy people” when the fact of that matter is, they are only going through a temporary low.  You simply cannot judge people on a one time meeting and yet, we are being judged continually based on this one time encounter.  If only we could be more like God who judges outr hearts and not by our outward appearance.

Yes it is true, first impressions are the most lasting, be we need to be careful not to get stuck on that first time encounter and give people a break.  Perhaps they need you to give them a smile, an encouragement of some sort, or compliment that could “make their day” and perhaps restore their faith in humanity!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, try reading it through a few chapters and then you can have a better idea of what it is all about!

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