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Never Ending Story and Some Good News

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
Finally picked a color for my kitchen, against the male judgment in my house. C2-Mod, a light lilac/pink number. Its getting balanced with lots of charcoal and browns and orange. I compromised. My husband hated my big limed oak table. Said it was gross because the kids constantly trashed it, and all their food stuck in the grain. He was right in the practical sense (what is that?), so I switched the DOCKSTA back in for him and I picked the color. I'm a girl and I'm the primary kitchen slave. I need to be happy. So here it is in the beginning stage... Never Ending Story and some Good News
(ignore the hot mess throught the door, that is getting a mini-lift this weekend)
In other news.... guess what is going on O'verlays later tonight?
Big ass 20" squares and.... Never Ending Story and some Good News .
you all have been so patient... (thank you)... BIG ASS greek key.. Never Ending Story and some Good News
and some wee key too... Never Ending Story and some Good News

("I might be tiny and only 2" tall, but watch what I can do!") Check back tomorrow for the done-did ups, good stuffs. I'm a painting fiend right now, off to stick stuff on a RAST.

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