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Networking Is Not My Cup Of Coffee

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Networking Events,
Networking is often considered to be one of the most important factors in most professions, and people often go out of their way to prioritize developing relationships with potentially helpful people over cultivating other parts of their professional and personal lives.

I am not a big fan of networking. I have never been. Earlier I thought it was because I was an introverted-extrovert but I have come to realize it is because it has never benefitted me. I have been able to achieve more or less the same 'results' without networking that my contemporaries have with networking.

But if you are going to network, then reset your approach ...

1. Go into networking events looking to help others, connect them with people in your network, and to listen. You might be surprised at what you can learn by putting others first.

2. Instead of going around handing your business cards to every person in the room, consider connecting with one or two people ... in depth! Find out what projects they are working on and some of the wins and challenges they are encountering. This will lay the groundwork for a possible working relationship down the road. If not, there is the possibility of connecting each other with someone who each of you can work with. 3. And most importantly, attend events specific to your industry. Quality over quantity.  I too, do step out and network every once in a while, but it is more out of my need for human connection than to gain anything professionally. I am not against networking but I strongly am inclined to believe it is a tab-bit over-rated.

The simplest answer is that we believe networking will lead to making the valuable connections. What often goes unsaid, however, is that these connections are not equitably distributed across society. They don't tend to cross class, race and gender lines as often as those who extol the virtues of getting yourself in front of the right people in your field would like to believe they do. Those "right" people aren't showing up at wine and cheese mixers. They already have their networks and those networks tend to be insular and well-vetted for "fit." - J. Maureen Henderson (via)
Moving on to the pictures ... these were taken by Anna recently, at the event hosted by Angelica Talan from Angelica in the City. Now she is an expert at connecting people and building meaningful relationships. She had curated a delightful group of people for this event at the new Blue Bottle location at Union Market. Blue Bottle is a San Francisco based coffee brand that has recently been opened several locations around D.C. Aside from coffee they also offer some delicious bites among which the avocado toast was my favorite (as I couldn't consume the baked goods).
Photography: Anna Darlak Networking Events,  Networking Events, Networking Events, Networking Events, Networking Events, Networking Events, Networking Events, Networking Events, Location - Blue Bottle Coffee at Union Market Kaftan - Steve Madden // LOVE Jeans - Joe's // Same Shoes - Steve Madden // Similar Bag - c/o Lidia May // Same Earrings - From India // Better

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