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Netters Restaurant in Bremen, Indiana: Homemade Heaven

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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Netters Restaurant in Bremen, Indiana

Netters Restaurant in Bremen, Indiana

Bremen, Indiana

Serving up tasty and delicious homemade food that’s made to order, this Indiana mom and pop restaurant was a wonderful surprise!

Netters Restaurant in Bremen, Indiana

I admit that I was apprehensive at first when I walked into the really nice, brightly lit interior–would this place serve homemade food?

Absolutely it does! Flipping through the Netters menu, there’s a lot to like.

I could not decide between the Patty Melt or the Reuben Sandwich (surprise, surprise). Apparently I am very much a creature of habit!

Menu at Netters Restaurant

Netters Restaurant Menu: Bremen, Indiana

Netters Restaurant Menu: Bremen, Indiana

Hubs ordered Fried Mushrooms and a Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. He does love a good Philly!

I finally narrowed it down to the Patty Melt–and a side of fries. But next time…that Reuben Sandwich is getting crossed off the list.

If I can keep myself from getting that yummy Patty Melt again, that is!

After receiving our order, well, let’s just say that Netters Restaurant ranks up there as one of my all-time faves. From start to finish, it was delicious.

A Family Affair

Netters Restaurant Patty Melt in Bremen, Indiana

Netters Restaurant Patty Melt in Bremen, Indiana

When I told hubs that my fries were amazing, the owner mentioned that up until I ordered them they were still a potato! Now how is that for fresh?

Hubs boasted that his Fried Mushrooms were the best he had ever had! Days later and he’s still going on about the greatness of those mushrooms!

In fact, the owner mentioned that everything they make is made to order and always fresh. It shows! There’s a lot of care taken in the preparation of each and every dish.

Go There

The owners have six kids–one of which was helping that very night. Support a family restaurant and you support a family!

You absolutely need to check it out. There’s even a bonus: Free Wi-Fi! Now how’s that for a great Indiana town hangout?

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Netters Restaurant
1106 West Plymouth Street
Bremen, Indiana 46506

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