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Netanyahu Wants More Investigations Like His

By Gldmeier @gldmeier
PM Netanyahu is a funny guy.
It was just reported that the Likud, .i.e. Netanyahu and his people, just filed a request/demand that the Attorney General investigate the connections between MK Itzik Shmuley (Labor) and the Yediot Achronot newspaper. The suspicion to be investigated is some type of connection between the two leading Yediot to write favorable articles about Shmuley.
One of Netanyahu's tactics in speaking against the investigation into one of his bribery charges is comparing his situation to other politicians who have received favorable treatment by newspapers and asking why none of them are under investigation. I don't know why he is calling for an investigation into Shmuley but did not make the same request for an investigation into Lapid, whom he pointed out weeks ago as having a similar situation with a newspaper and friendship with its owner, but for now he is demanding an investigation into Shmuley and Yediot.
This is cute, and if the Attorney General accepts the request and opens an investigation, I hope Shmuley is clean, but if not he should pay the price like anyone else.
That being said, there is a clear difference between a Prime Minister allegedly trading favors and attempts to close down competing newspapers in exchange for favorable articles and between a newspaper writing a favorable article or three about a regular Member of Knesset. I think Netanyahu should have to present some sort of evidence pointing to a nefarious relationship between the two in order to demand an investigation and not just the fact that some nice articles were written.
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