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Nestle Tex Review

By Grocerygems @grocerygems
Nestle Tex Review
This Nestle Tex bar was very kindly sent to me by the lovely Hannah from The Review Addict who managed to find the perfect snack to represent South Africa for my Around The World challenge. I think if I'd seen this Nestle Tex in an import shop I would have assumed it was an American bar so I'm very grateful to Hannah to opening my eyes to this hidden gem.
Nestle Tex Review
The Nestle Tex looks like an absolute behemoth of a bar in terms of size, it's so chunky and tall that even it's own logo doesn't fit properly on the wrapper. Although when it comes to weight it's firmly in the featherweight category, weighing in at a light 40g. It's made up of some airy ingredients, namely wafer and Aero. In fact the Tex is a chocolate that has a layer of Aero inside it. Truly epic and I couldn't wait to give it a try!
Nestle Tex Review
Once unwrapped the bar is very rectangular and neat, with rippled chocolate but no defined segments.
Nestle Tex Review
I'll cut straight to this chase, this tasted like a maxed up version of another Nestle product, the Kit Kat Chunky. The combination of wafers and Nestle chocolate is just too familiar a taste experience to not associate it with a Kit Kat. It's essentially a cross between a Kit Kat Chunky and an Aero.
Nestle Tex Review
Within the Nestle Tex bar, the wafer layers are even bigger and chunkier, with a much more wafery flavor. Even though that's not an actual word - you get the idea. Wafery. The outer chocolate layer is quite thin and slightly waxy. However, the Aero in between the central wafers, adds an extra chocolate layer and flavor.
Nestle Tex Review
The Aero layer is not quite as massive as they make it appear on the packaging but it's still very much an Aero chocolate in appearance. And even better, it really tastes like an Aero too. I'd like to see Nestle make this with an even bigger layer of Aero, one that amounts to an actual Aero bar encassed in wafer and wrapped in more chocolate. Now that would be epic!
Nestle Tex Review
Thanks again to Hannah for sending me this bar! Make sure you visit her blog The Review Addict and check out all the "Taywell Week" ice cream reviews. Caution: you WILL want to consume your own body weight in ice cream after reading the reviews.
Grocery Gems Verdict: Nestle Tex
RATING: 7 out of 10.
Buy them again?: Worth a try if you can find it!
Purchased: Available from import specialists like The Stateside Candy Co.

Price: £1.69.

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By Prince Jacon
posted on 03 June at 13:27

Looks tasty there.

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