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Nepali Politics: Share Your Opinion and Stories

By Hanna

I’m starting a new blog feature and I want you to help me write it! 

Not long back, I wrote a post on the controversy of the citizenship clause and/or in support of allowing women the same rights as men. At the end of the post, I questioned whether the political parties in Nepal would even be able to meet the deadline. That was 2 months ago – and there still is no constituent to show. In fact, there is nothing to actually show.

After speaking to people about Nepali politics I am fed up of hearing things like: Nepali politics is like this….that’s just how things workit takes time….look at what we have done already. I thought to myself: enough is enough, we need to encourage people to realize how powerful they are in this process.

Everyone is entitled to have an opinion on Nepali politics, whether they are Nepali or not, live in Nepal or not, are able to vote or not. The most important thing is to have a voice. 

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

So, I will be starting a new feature on my blog. I will be publishing a series of guest posts and Q&As to make Nepali politics digestible, comprehensible and interesting to ANYONE ANYWHERE in the world!

I am looking to put the people back into politics – so please get involved and make your voice heard! Share this with your friends and spread the message. This feature is for all – not just Nepalis!

Let me know if you have any questions about politics or want to have a go answering some questions. Perhaps, you want to write a guest post on a current issue, if so, then please contact me! There is plenty to discuss and plenty to find out about.

Who are the constituent assembly? Why does Nepal need a new constitution – why can’t they live on the interim constitution? Why  can’t Nepal bring back the monarchy? Heck, what do these things even mean? 

Whatever you questions, we will have them answered at nepalilovestory and provide you with some interesting debate, discussion and views from people all over the world. Stay tuned and share, support and get involved!

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