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Neopets Easy Walkthrough

By Rituraj

NEOPETS EASY WALKTHROUGHNew to neopets? Want to know how to become a rich player and get easy NP. Well this blog is the right place for you. It has all the quick links to get NP. You just need to add this site to your favorites and then keep clicking.
To Start with:Win up to 118161 NP by playing games.Games which give the best NP are listed as follows: -
1. Rebel Roundup2. ChiaBomber 23. Nimmo’s Pond4. Snowmuncher5. UsukiFrenzy 26. WarfRescue Team7. KassBasher8. PetpetRescue9. Sophie’sStew10. Attack of the Revenge11. Fashion Fever12. Ednas Shadow13. Island Chef Academy14. Extreme Potato15. KORBATS Lab16. Meerca Chase II17. Stowaway Sting18. Hannah and the Kreludor Cave19. Zurroball20. Snow Wars II21. Smug Bug Smite22. Mutant Graveyard of Doom II23. Jubble Bubble24. Extreme Herder25. Kookia26. Snot Splatter27. MAGAX: Destroyer II28. Wrath of the Snowager29. Shenkuu Tangram30. Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers31. Jolly Jogglers32. Nova Defender33. Chariot Chase34. Hasee Bounce35. Wheeler’s Wild Ride36. Snow Roller37. Ultimate Bullseye II38. Barf Boat39. Volcano Run II40. Attack of the Marbleman41. Jungle Raiders42. Grand Theft Ummagine43. Faerie’s Folly44. Catch the Petpet45. Petpet pair-up

Now here are some quick links to special areas of Neopets where you can earn free neopoints, Items, neopet freebies and foods: -
1. Soup Kitchen
2. Free Jelly
3. Giant Omelette
4. Interest at Bank
5. Money Tree
6. Rubbish Dump
7. Altador Prizes
8. Shop Till
9. Favorite Games
10. Petpet Park
11. Freebies
12. Movie Central
13. Apple Bobbing
14. Anchor Management
15. Second-hand Shoppe
16. Shop of offers
17. Obsidian quarry
You can spin some wheels and scratch cards to earn money:
1. Wheel of Mediocrity
2.Wheel of Misfortune
3. Wheel of knowledge
4.Wheel of Monotony
5. Wheel of Extravagance
6. Winter Kiosk
7. Spooky Kiosk
8. Desert Kiosk
9. Wheel of Excitement
10. Wheel of Slime

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