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How to Bring More Traffic to Your site(SEO Tips)

By Rituraj

Just like me you are one of the many bloggers who is desperate of making his blog popular and bring in more traffic. When you optimize what you do is you increase its relevance related to a keyword so that it comes up when user searches for that keyword in some search engines like Google, yahoo, etc.
Below are some SEO tips that you can use: 

  • Quality: Keep your site filled with good, interesting content. Content that people are likely to read over the Internet and search for it on Google or somewhere. If you write bad, may be you will have guests on some fortunate day, but if they don’t find it interesting, they are not gonna come back. But you want to keep them coming back, don’t you? So post well! 
  • Mobile friendly: Millions of people are using their cell phones to browse the internet, so make your blog mobile friendly. That way you can target all kinds of users. If someone is visiting your blog from his smart phone and finds it comfortable, then he might come back again and might also recommend your site to his friends. 
  • Hire a consultant: if you are paying someone to write for your blog then make sure you are you are getting the job worth the money you are paying. If he/she is writing well, pay them well if not fire them. Don’t hesitate. 
  • Use original photos and videos: Try using original photos and videos. I know this is difficult but not as much when you think about it. Click pictures with your phone and upload them. Same goes for videos. It gives a lot of credibility to your blog. 
  • Socializing”: When you have amazing sites like Facebook, Twitter and hell others use them! You would not believe how many times I have posted each of my posts of this blog so that more and more people come and visit this blog. It’s an easy way to get more traffic. So use it to promote your site and let people know that you have a blog! Also make sure that there is a provision for them to share it. 
  • Reduce uploading time: A user does not wait for more than an average time of 3 seconds. So don’t overload your blog with too many apps and other stuff. Do the necessity to fasten your site so that it takes less time to upload. If it takes too much time loading, users will close the tab and move over somewhere else. 

Hope these will help you. Do like and comment :)

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