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Posted on the 14 January 2013 by Informationnews @informationnew2

NEETWhen I left high school, my idea was to see the next coming year as a long summer. Little that I know that a time after high school is a time where you have to get the ball rolling in what will be your life. It is hard for people to realize that they will have to look out for themselves moving forward but most people do it. For others, they become a NEET which stands for not in education, employment or training. I want to put a thought on this subject that almost anyone can easily fall into being by choice or by force i.e. (lost your job).

They don’t just give people businesses for free. You have to save money to afford things. Young people today see that savings are not secure, and that work is barely rewarded. I have no doubt that most young people would be happy to work if it got them something out of it, but information about how the outcome is, the prospects really are discouraging. Maybe you are happy to work your youthful years away on the chance of being a success. Young people today see people working all the time, and by the time most of them let’s say their mid-thirties, they have exactly as much to show for their work as the guy who did almost nothing. And why would a NEET bother when? The society offered is very sterile, discourages risk or success and treats its subjects like children. A NEET can’t be asses with that so a NEET to work as little as possible, put in as little as possible, consume very little and try and be self sufficient as best they can while acting like a perpetual child. The point is to live a life that is satisfying upon reflection. And not to produce the most dollar value per hour worked. A young person can waste their youth working for a chance at success, something that seems ever more unlikely, or they can waste it on hobbies or relationships. If it were the case that they could reasonably plan for their future, that their work would be more likely than not to pay off in some way and that would then, make a big difference.

Looking at a situation of a NEET, is not that difficult to understand their situation. Because their time on earth is limited and they would rather not waste an hour doing some menial task like lifting boxes or taking a store’s inventory only to receive enough money for a burger from Mc’Donalds. If you are receiving minimum wage for a job, it just isn’t worth it anymore compared to getting on welfare or disability payments. The funny thing is that there’s nothing wrong with these people excluding the disabled, which I feel should get some help other than their mindset. They have a (to me) attitude. Everything happens to me! The government wont help me, my family is poor, there’s no jobs, no one will help me! These people are convinced that their lives are out of their hands. And that’s why they’re usually hostile, mean, and generally arrogant.


There are many reasons outside the control of a person such as economy, political climate, stagnation, feminism, nuclear family degeneration and most more. The post-WWII baby boom, are definitely the root cause of most of the world’s financial problems right now. We’re living in an age where people over 45 make up the majority of society. Let that sink in for a bit. Our society has become one of preservation rather than progress. In the end, people should not judge NEET’s because the world seems to stack up on everyone right out of high school. There has to be something there for you to just finding it in you to make the best of what you can get.


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