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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Taking the Pulse of Husker Nation - Recruiting

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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Co-Authored by Brian Towle and Brandon Cavanaugh
Samplings are occasionally taken to get an idea of how fans are feeling, but we decided to put the power in the people’s hands once again to take the Pulse of Husker Nation.
This time, we wanted to get your thoughts on the most recent recruiting haul and how well you felt Bo Pelini and company did during the overall cycle.
307 Nebraska fans participated in a five-question survey on the topic. Here are the results:
1. How would you grade Nebraska’s 2012 football recruiting class?
A: 5 votes (1.6%)
B: 150 votes (48.9%)
C: 131 votes (42.7%)
D: 20 (6.5%)
F: 1 (0.3%)
Overall, it appears that Big Red fans aren’t complaining too much about the newest crop of Cornhuskers, but they weren’t exactly wowed by the overall class. Fortunately for all egos involved, only one individual felt it stunk.
2. What was your reaction to Andrus Peat choosing Stanford over Nebraska?
Surprised: 120 votes (39.1%)
Not Surprised: 130 votes (42.3%)
Expected It: 30 votes (9.8%)
Didn’t Care: 10 votes (3.3%)
Other: 17 votes (5.5%)
It appears that a good chunk of Husker faithful felt Peat was a near-lock, while the majority of voters aren’t shocked he spurned Lincoln in favor of Palo Alto.
Some of the other responses to the question included, “Not surprised. Expected after hearing acceptance to Stanford,” “Disappointment,” and simply “shocked.”
3. How concerned are you about Nebraska not filling up all 18 of its allotted spots for scholarship athletes?
Very Concerned: 79 votes (25.8%)
Somewhat Concerned: 74 votes (24.2%)
Slightly Concerned: 70 votes (22.9%)
Not Concerned at All: 83 votes (27.1%)
Fans appear about evenly split on this question, with those not concerned taking the top spot. However, those very concerned weren’t far behind. When adding the “concerned” together, 72.6 percent of voters feel at least some alarm about Nebraska not filling up such a small class.
4. Which recruit from the 2012 class is your favorite?
QB Tommy Armstrong: 103 votes (33.8%)
WR Jordan Westerkamp: 79 votes (25.9%)
OL Paul Thurston: 7 votes (2.3%)
DE Greg McMullen: 12 votes (3.9%)
LB Zaire Anderson: 22 votes (7.2%)
CB Mohammed Seisay: 40 votes (13.1%)
ATH Alonzo Moore: 6 votes (2.0%)
Other: 36 votes (11.8%)
The gun-slinger from Cibolo, Texas takes this one pretty handily with an eventual target in Westerkamp checking in at No. 2 and potential JUCO secondary-saver Seisay at third. What about those not accounted for? Linebacker Michael Rose took the unofficial No. 4 spot with 23 votes in the “other” category with fellow linebacker Jared Afalava as another fan favorite.
5. Rate the Nebraska football staff’s overall effort in the 2011-2012 recruiting cycle
Excellent: 16 votes (5.2%)
Very Good: 90 votes (29.3%)
Average: 126 votes (41.0%)
Below Average: 52 votes (16.9%)
Poor: 23 votes (7.5%)
At the end of the day, Husker Nation apparently feels that effort equals output. While the overall class received B’s and C’s, the staff’s effort rated as “not too shabby” with a “so-so” effort leading the pack.
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