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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Press Conference Notes (Post-Wisconsin)

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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- Bo Pelini kicked off the press conference with a simple, “Have at it.”
- “Us,” Pelini responded to what he plans to focus on this week.
- Pelini talked about what the team wanting to win: “Good intentions only get you so far. You have to work at it.”
- “Not at all. We have a confident football team. We’re very black and white as to what happened,” Pelini said on the attitude and mentality of his team.
- “I don’t think we responded very well to adversity in the game,” Pelini said. “You have to come together as a football team, as a unit, and attack it. I don’t think we did that.”
- “Running the football,” Pelini said when asked what Nebraska’s strength is on offense. He also noted that he makes suggestions on offense from time to time.
- Pelini on quarterback Taylor Martinez: “I think he thinks he needs to win the game on every play sometimes.”
- “Let’s face it, these guys are competitive animals,” Pelini said about his team. “They’re going to remember it, but you can’t dwell on it. You better learn from it.”
- Pelini ended the press conference with a simple statement: “You don’t panic, you know what I’m saying? You don’t panic.”
- Rex Burkhead spoke about the team’s mentality: “We’re still confident. We’re going to learn from our mistakes and move forward.”
- “You can either go down or go up,” Burkhead said on next steps for the team.
- Brandon Kinnie was confident in that one game does not define a season: “The Big Ten is still out there to get. We could meet them again.”
- “We lost to Texas and still got to the Big 12 Championship,” Kinnie pointed out.
- P.J. Smith said the defensive backs take the blame for the first five weeks. Said little things are killing the team.
- “We need to settle down and let the game come,” Smith said.
- Smith talked about what the loss means for the team: “It’s a wakeup call. We needed that. A wakeup call.”
- Taylor Martinez seemed bothered while speaking to the media. When asked about how he feels with the fans reaction to him after Saturday, he said: “That’s fine. You guys rip me anyway so it doesn’t matter.”
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