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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Press Conference Notes (Post-Northwestern)

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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- Head coach Bo Pelini kicked off the presser by talking about Rex Burkhead. Pelini said that while beat up, “Rex is a guy that’s not always going to tell you how he’s feeling.”
- Pelini plans to rest Burkhead this week and will reduce his workload as much as possible.
- When asked about why he chose to continue playing Burkhead over the younger backs when Burkhead couldn’t break through: “I don’t think we blocked very well up front.”
- “At the end of the day, you’ve just got to play and we didn’t,” Pelini said about the team’s performance. “We didn’t take advantage of some plays and it cost us in the end.”
- Pelini on Penn State head coach Joe Paterno: “It takes a lot of energy and hours. It wears on you. To be doing it at his age, it’s a pretty amazing thing.”
- Pelini was asked about how he handles a loss like Saturday’s: “The way I’m wired, I take it hard, really hard. But you have to move past it.”
- Many wondered why Pelini continued to keep Jamal Turner out of the receivers’ rotation. Pelini answered that by saying Turner was ill last week, and Marlowe has practiced well and taken snaps away from Turner as well.
- Tim Marlowe spoke about quarterback Taylor Martinez: “People doubt his passing but I think he silenced that this week.”
- “I think that I have a little bit of speed at times too,” Marlowe said about his abilities versus other receivers.
- Tyler Legate first spoke about the effect the loss has had on him personally: “I know I’m down. Haven’t been able to sleep too much. But we need to move on.”
- “It wasn’t his fault. There’s 11 of us out there,” Legate said about Burkhead putting the loss on his shoulders.
- When asked about how the team was feeling, Legate said, “I believe everyone is fatigued right now but everyone in the country is fatigued right now.”
- Austin Cassidy talked about Big Ten play versus Big 12 play: “Football is football. It’s physical no matter where you play it.”
- Cassidy on Paterno: “When I was little and he was coaching, he seemed really old then. Hopefully I catch a glimpse of him. He’s a legend.”
- Taylor Martinez talked about how important the upcoming away games are: “It’s going to be a great challenge and hopefully we come away with two wins.”
- Martinez also dodged questions on Joe Ganz coaching him, much like Pelini. Settled for, “We’re really good friends.”
- Martinez said Northwestern figured out the play calls and knew what plays were coming. His reasoning? “It’s Northwestern. They’re a smart school.”
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