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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions – Wyoming

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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By Brandon Cavanaugh
- Alfonzo Dennard played up to the level that just about anyone would during their season debut while still working through injury.
- Corey Cooper could be a solid cornerback. He needs to work on his hip movement, though. Dennard had the same issue when he was younger.
- Yoshi Hardrick has become a beast on the offensive line. He, Marcel Jones and Mike Caputo are injecting some much-needed leadership into an overall young unit.
- Why Choi is just seeing the field now is a mystery.
- You will either tackle Rex Burkhead or get shoved to the turf. The good news is that you’ll walk back to the huddle with about two or three teammates who suffered the same fate.
- The WildRex formation’s always a treat.
- 333 yards rushing, 24 first downs and a third down conversion rate over 50 percent will win plenty of ballgames.
- It’s a near guarantee that if you put the ball on the ground four times against Big Ten opposition, you’re not getting three of them back.
- Kenny Bell answered the question of whether or not Nebraska would be penalized for making a hand gestures following a score. If he had a pair of the new gloves on, it would've looked far cooler.
- The defense just seems disorganized. Not really sure if they’re out for themselves, mentally revved up too much, etc.
- Organized scrimmages are over. Expect to see the kitchen sink thrown at Wisky and OSU as the bye week allows Nebraska to switch things up heading to Minneapolis.
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