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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions - UTC

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker


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By Brandon Cavanaugh
- Despite what appears to be overwhelming sentiment, Taylor has improved a bit. He primarily reverted to his old ways when it came to passing as he locked in on receivers and didn’t check down too often, but when he took his time, he found success.
- For option runs to work properly, a number of things have to be in sync. When the quarterback, running back and offensive line are all scrambling, everything’s going to pot.
- The offensive line looked anything but crisp, however youth and inexperience as a unit needs to be taken into account. If Beck’s offense continues to utilize a heavy run game, they’ll need time to gel.
- The interior run defense appears to still have some issues while the ends appear to be the strength of the front four. This was honestly the opposite of what I expected.
- Linebackers looked a touch slow and even Lavonte bit on some fakes, but first game jitters can do that. Compton’s absence was noticeable and Fisher needs to work on wrapping up.
- Andrew Green’s raw, but has the talent to play his position. UTC did the right thing in trying to exploit the lack of Dennard. Did you notice how they rarely tested Ciante?
- Daimion Stafford is a bad man.
- Mendoza’s hit was satisfying if only to see a hard-working kid who’s been all over the field finally get involved and make it count.
- Brett Maher may not be Alex Henery, but he’s a reasonable facsimile.

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