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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions - Northwestern

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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By Brandon Cavanaugh
- Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something was off yesterday. The Huskers looked a few steps slower than they did against Sparty.
- It’s a shame that Taylor Martinez’s best game of the year (and one of his career) had to end in a loss. His play is encouraging for the remainder of the season, however.
- Jamal Turner’s absence is inexcusable. While Coach Fisher clearly has his methods, it’s hard not to question getting a playmaker of Turner’s caliber on the field.
- Was very happy to see Brandon Kinnie in sync with his quarterback
- Wishing Kenny Bell would’ve snagged those drops. Not only for the sake Martinez and his team, but it would’ve made his performance even bigger. Regardless, when Taylor sees the 'fro, he has to throw.
- If Nebraska could keep Bell back with Abdullah on kick returns, that’d be just grand.
- When Lavonte David is missing tackles in the backfield, that’s a bad omen.
- While Lance Thorell’s interception against Michigan State was huge, getting scorched like a marshmallow pre-Smore is, too.
- While Nebraska may not have the overall talent of Alabama, the Crimson Tide would’ve killed for Brett Maher last night.
- Have to think the Capital One, Outback and Gator Bowls are all smiling on the inside. Their reps keep showing up to Husker games.
- Controversial thought alert: Taking away the Blackshirts following this loss would be an absolutely horrible decision.
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