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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions - Minnesota

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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By Brandon Cavanaugh
- It was awfully nice of the local Minneapolis junior college team to provide Nebraska fans with a lovely afternoon in TCF Stadium.
- Taylor Martinez’s throwing motion is going to cost Nebraska another game or two this year.
- Kenny Bell is another in a long line of amazingly fast skill players on the Cornhuskers' offense. Enunwa, Turner and Bell are a dangerous trio.
- Speaking of those three, a case of The Dropsies can be contagious and stick around all season long. Coach Fisher has his work cut out for him before Sparty visits.
- Rex Burkhead obviously paid attention in physics class. How else could he have turned himself into a human battering ram?
- Yoshi seems to be gaining confidence with every game.
- 27 first downs (20 on the ground) and only five penalties will get you a lot of wins. A third down conversion rate under 50 percent against the Gopher defense is somewhat concerning, though.
- Nebraska fans might be seeing something special as Chase Rome finishes out the season. He’s not Jared Crick, but he’ll carve out a niche all his own.
- The lack of playing time that Brion Carnes is seeing is going to come back to bite Nebraska one way or another.
- Stanley Jean-Baptiste looked solid in his first start and Lance Thorell had an excellent game. With that said, the final judgment of SJB will be reserved until approximately 2:30 P.M. next week.
- Finally,

NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Knee-Jerk Reactions - Minnesota

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