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NEBRASKA FOOTBALL: Big Red Anthem Music Video

By Huskerlocker @huskerlocker

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With Nebraska's move to the Big Ten, Husker students know they have to step their game up to compete with some of the most vocal student sections in the country. The "Take Back Gameday" movement has been created to do just that.
From the movement's Facebook page:
"FRIDAY NIGHT RALLY: Every FRIDAY night before a HOME GAME at 8:30PM, red-clad students will swarm to the GREENSPACE AT 14th & VINE for a student-led pre-game rally; a chance to remind ourselves why we're Huskers and to get loud as hell to support our team.
It’s the opportunity for the students, along with the band (who will be at the rallies), to figure out how to be a force in the stadium before we even get there. Finally, east stadium, south stadium, and the band can all get on the same page and become the epic student section everyone knows we can be. This isn't anything fancy. Show up. Wear red. Be prepared to make some noise."
To help add a little spice to the movement, local artist "Brown" lent his services to create "Big Red Anthem," a soundtrack that now has its own music video:

To find out more about "Take Back Gameday" visit the movement's Facebook page
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