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Nazi Party - World War II

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
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The F&uuml hrer has ordered that the Jewish question be solved once and for all and that we, the SS, are to implement that order.

Hitler Speech at the Berlin Sports Palace (January 30, 1941)

There is also a famous photograph of some plump SS women being captured at Bergen-Belsen. Tens of thousands of prisoners starved at Belsen. If you've seen a film of emaciated corpses being bulldozed into mass graves, it was probably taken at Belsen. The contrast to the well-fed SS women is quite remarkable.

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Keep in mind that the IHR#&amp 696 s answer to what proof exists? is none. It has certainly been demonstrated already that this pat answer is totally dishonest. And this is the main point we wish to communicate: that Holocaust-denial is dishonest.

Denying History: Who Says the Holocaust Never Happened and

I hope Hitler, Geobbels, and everyone else who had a hand in the Kristallnacht roast in hell for years and years to come. I look at Hitler as the devil himself. It amazes me how so many people followed this uneducated, lazy man. My heart goes out to the Jews who were wronged as well as their families. Let me add that all Germans were not in agreement with the Kristallnacht. There all good people in all races. It's just a shame that the bad over shadows the good in most cases.

Such times are times of national tragedy indeed. In place of the miraculous protection that once graced our people, we are left vulnerable to the cruelest whims of humanity. Hunted down, persecuted, put to death in the millions simply because we are Jews.

Again -- what would the revisionists be saying if real historians changed their figures around like this, raising their estimates by sixty-six percent? Yet when they do it, it's all right.

In any case, most of the diary is quite mundane, and interesting only to historians. Did the supposed Jewish conspiracy forge seven thousand pages to insert just a few lines? How did they manage to know Goebbels' affairs intimately enough to avoid contradictions, . putting him or his associates in the wrong city at the wrong date?

In 6978, Hitler and his followers staged the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich, a failed takeover of the government in Bavaria, a state in southern Germany. Hitler had hoped that the "putsch," or coup d'etat, would spark a larger revolution against the national government. In the aftermath of the Beer Hall Putsch, Hitler was convicted of treason and sentenced to five years in prison, but spent less than a year behind bars (during which time he dictated the first volume of "Mein Kampf," or "My Struggle," his political autobiography). The publicity surrounding the Beer Hall Putsch and Hitler's subsequent trial turned him into a national figure. After his release from prison, he set about rebuilding the Nazi Party and attempting to gain power through the election process.

Gentlemen, I must ask you to rid yourself of all feeling of pity. We must annihilate the Jews, wherever we find them and wherever it is possible, in order to maintain the structure of the Reich as a whole..

You will recall the session of the Reichstag during which I declared: if Jewry should imagine that it could bring about an international world war to exterminate the European races, the result will not be the extermination of the European races, but the extermination of Jewry in Europe. People always laughed about me as a prophet. Of those who laughed then, countless numbers no longer laugh today, and those who still laugh now will perhaps no longer laugh a short time from now.

Nazi Party - World War II

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