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Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!

By Seasideinteriors @seasideinterio1
I would like to say that this post is strictly about our new rugs that just came in, but, well, it seems to have more to do with our little buddy who wouldn't leave me alone while I tried to take pics of the rugs.  
Last night, Santa arrived, or as I like to call him Mr. UPS.  We just finished dinner when the delivery came, so we cleared everything out of the morning room and put the new rug down.
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!  I have held off for awhile on picking a rug for the house.  Do you do that when it comes to bigger items for your home?  It's such a big decision.  It is easy for me to go with a safe neutral, but a bit tougher when I want a larger piece and I know I am spending a bit more money on.   I had a few in mind, but recently narrowed it down to a Navy Chevron Rug.  I got this one and the hall runner on the 50% off deal at Rugsusa.  I just checked their site and they actually have an even better deal, 60-80% off rugs for the Easter sale.  If you've been thinking about purchasing a rug, you may want to head over and have a gander.  
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!  I have to say, I really love it.  I was a bit nervous at first just bringing in some heavier colors, since we have had a lighter palette for awhile but it works great in the space and most importantly, Dozer seems to like it.
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!   I mean really liked it ;-)  
I tried to get several pictures of the rug by itself, but that never seemed to happen.  So if Dozer could talk he would say that the rug is soft and comfortable and rather Nap Worthy.
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!  Here is the runner for the front hall.  I like having something similar, whether it is pattern or color, in different parts of the house to tie it all together and make the spaces feel connected.
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!  Can you guess what's missing from this picture?  It's like Where's Waldo.  
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!! Yup, he's back and apparently this rug makes you want to completely relax.  ;-)
Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!
I think that the runner adds a much needed punch of color to the space.  The sunburst mirror was a recent find from Homegoods and I'm still in debates over whether or not it should go here or somewhere else in the house. We will be painting the hall a light warm gray and also the morning room where the other rug is.  I think once it is all finished off, the space will feel even more inviting.  
I don't know if I got a chance to mention in a recent posts, but we just had a Homegoods open about 20 minutes from our house.  Ahhh!  My home away from home!  Their grand opening was Sunday.  I was able to go their soft opening Friday which was such a blast and I have been 3 more times since then.  Is that an addiction?  Do they have a limit to how many times you can visit or stay over  night?  I'm just throwin it out there.  Don't you think they should have HomeGoods Lock-ins for women, like they used to do at the Bowling Alley when I was little.  Just an idea HomeGoods ;-) 
I was able to find some really great things, so stop back by to see the next post!
Also,  Design Board Packages are still half off through Easter Sunday.  Email me if you are interested!
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Navy and White Chevron Rugs Arrived!!!
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