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Naughty Doggies

By Sue15cat
Naughty Doggies   That sweet little innocent face .....   Naughty Doggies   ... the ring leader.   Yesterday I was doing a mad flurry of housework, you know the sort of hour, you damp dust, bits fall onto the floor so you hoick out the hoover and hoover the floors then decide that now the rugs look nice and clean the tiles need mopping, while you've got the mop out you might as well do all the hard floors.  One thing leads to another and suddenly the house is all sparkly clean, you look in the mirror and yes, that red faced tired out looking person IS you ... so you open the door the get a breath of fresh air.   Then the dogs dash out ..... !!   Rosy has found a rabbit burrow, no it's more of a housing estate for rabbits in the woods, and there are entrances to this lovely bunny smelling paradise all over the place, if you take your eyes off her she disappears to check if anyone's home and available for snacking purposes.  Well this time Mavis followed her!   I was due to leave for the gym any minute, it's just a two hour slot every week with the local over 50's (yes ... sob... I'm that old) for the bargain price of £3.50 and it's invigorating.  I get to chat to the locals, work my butt off, try lots of 'new to me' equipment and generally just have a break from the old homestead for a couple of hours AND there's a cup of coffee and a custard cream at half time :-)   I climbed to the top of the hill calling nicely, nastily, offering titbits, bones, everlasting life etc etc to any dog that would return home, but NO the lure of the rabbits beat me hands down.  Mavis had made for the fence at the top of the hill and vanished and Rosy had gone down a hole.    Now I was in a quandary do I stay, seethe and wait for the dogs to decide to come home or do I leave for the Gym with fingers crossed that they could survive for two hours on a Welsh hillside without me holding their little grubby paws.   I'm a bad doggy Mummy .... the Gym won.!!   And when I got home ... sat halfway down the hill scanning the horizon were two little grubby looking dogs, pleased as punch when Mum's car pulled in and out got the naughty runaway Mum. Well I mean, after all you just take yourself off for an adventure and your Mum goes missing ... it's just not on is it, more Mummy training is obviously needed!!   Sue xx

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