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Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
If you didn't know already, Asos don't just sell fashion, they also have a pretty kick ass beauty section which stocks everything from Nars to Rimmel. I was lucky to get my grubby little mitts on a few items from their beauty section. Enter the Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set.
Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set Nars Orgasm Traveler's Set
I actually have two of these sets as a friend bought me one as a thank you gift recently - Yes, I am lucky!
So first off - the shade.
Orgasm is a coral shade which has a fine gold shimmer through it. It's a bit of a cult beauty product in the blogging and beauty industry in general, because it apparently works for every skin tone.
For me, coral just ain't my shade. I don't suit it at all on my lips because I have naturally yellowy teeth, but as a blush or highlight, this really warms my skin without being too orange.
The shade of orgasm has summer written all over it so if that's your jam, this is for you.
What about the coverage & finish? 
The blush is pretty pigmented and because it is a powder blush, I find it blends well without dispersing into nothing but at the same time, isn't so pigmented that you'll end up with a 'stripe'. The shimmer in this is fine and although is glowy, doesn't look like you've been using glitter hair spray on your face - LOL!
The multiple is a cream product that I was a bit nervous to use, considering how rubbish I am at blending cream blush. However, I used a damp beauty blender to work this in and it worked really nicely without moving my foundation underneath. This is definitely buildable and upon first application is pretty subtle, but with a second application this is more like a dewy version of the powder blush.
Finally is the Illuminator. I use this on the high points of my cheeks like a highlighter but I also like using this on my decolletage which just makes it look a little bit glowy and adds a hint of color to it. This is very sheer and has a little bit more gold glitter than the other products but is still a really nice product.
If I ran out of the blush, I would repurchase. I'm not so sure about the multiple or the illuminator if I'm honest because it's unlikely I would reach for either of them very often.
Are you a Nars Orgasm fan? let me know in the comments below!
You can get yours at Asos.
H x

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