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Nappanee, Indiana Welcome Center: Your Starting Point

By Jessicanunemaker @JessNunemaker

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When you first arrive in quaint little Nappanee, Indiana, this is the place to get your bearings. This is where you can figure out your next move, your “must do,” your plan of attack.

Nappanee Welcome Center

Nappanee, Indiana Welcome Center

Nappanee, Indiana Welcome Center

There’s a slew of brochures just inside the front door. You’ll need them!

Here is where you will find maps to the country shops (that you really need to go to), area attractions like Amish Acres, and other nearby can’t-miss destinations, like the Wakarusa Dimestore.

Not only can you figure out your game plan, but you can browse through a little bit of Indiana history before you leave!

Get Your Indiana History Here

The Nappanee Welcome Center has all sorts of Indiana history here. This town boasts a lot of neat artifacts from its early days–and from the people in the town.

There’s info about the Air Force One pilot from Nappanee, the famed cartoonist Bill Homan of “Smokey Stover” fame (and quite a few others), as well as a really unusual attraction: Hartman House.

Hartman House

Nappanee, Indiana: Welcome Center Jessica Nunemaker

Nappanee, Indiana: Welcome Center Jessica Nunemaker

Was little Indiana and hubby expecting to find an actual house inside and part of the Nappanee Welcome Center? Not at all! What an unexpected and very interesting feature!

You literally walk through the rooms of the furnished home to get a feel for how life would have looked in the olden days. One word? Charming!

I would have loved to see the kitchen in its original form but that room is reserved for staff.

What they did include was the front porch. You know how we Hoosiers like a good front porch!

Nappanee History

Nappanee, Indiana Welcome Center: Fire Truck

Nappanee, Indiana Welcome Center: Fire Truck

There is a lot of military items on display here. They actually have books of old letters from different people in this Indiana town, like military members. Isn’t that a neat idea?

As you can see, I checked out the old jail. Our kids would have loved to have seen that one!

All in all, we were impressed! We weren’t expecting such a large welcome center and museum all rolled into one.

Nappanee, Indiana is certainly putting its best foot forward when new visitors come to town.

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Nappanee Welcome Center
302 West Market Street
Nappanee, Indiana 46550

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